Friday, January 24, 2014


Wow. . .

It really has been a while since I've blogged. I guess I'm used to Facebook and Twitter. If you haven't liked my Facebook page or followed me on Twitter. . .here are the deets. . .

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Now for the real news. See that date in the title? That's the release date for my second book! I am so excited! Are you?

It's called "Hearing Love" and here's the synopsis -

     Ella James, the beautiful, feisty Director of Operations at Coopers’ Treats finds herself immediately at odds with Alexander Shepard, the handsome, driven CEO of SBS, Inc. Alex’s company is looking to merge with the financially shaky Coopers’ Treats, but from the moment they met, Alex had this way of getting under Ella’s skin. Planning the merger would require Ella to uproot herself from her safe, comfortable existence in the bucolic suburban enclave of Brookside and move to the bright lights of Manhattan. For Ella, who lost her hearing at a young age, change wasn’t something she embraced or welcomed freely. She was also reluctant to leave Chase Kramer, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, even though they were currently in the “off-again” phase.
     But a merger with the more financially stable SBS, Inc. would mean ensuring Coopers’ Treats continued existence, so Ella packs up and heads for the Big Apple, hoping that giving Chase the chance to really miss her might solidify his feelings for her. When Ella gets to Manhattan, she is charmed by both the big city and Alex. Despite her feelings for Chase, she finds herself hopelessly drawn to Alex and the chemistry between them is sizzling. They embark on a passionate, fun, whirlwind affair. Ella is surprised by her intense feelings for Alex, even though she is still haunted by dreams of chasing after an elusive man, dreams that she started having when Chase first broke off their relationship.
     As the merger deadline approaches, Ella finds herself caught between her feelings for two very different men. As she works to see that the merger is completed successfully, her muddled feelings for both men threaten to jeopardize everything she holds dear. Will she be able to listen to her heart to hear love,and make the right choice?

Mark those calendars!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet Buffy Andrews

Today we are going to change it up a little around here.

I am very excited to introduce you to Buffy Andrews - a good friend of mine and wonderful author who has a new book out - first in a series called "The Yearbook Series"

So I'm going to let Buffy tell you all about this lovely book -

Book:  “The Yearbook Series: Gina and Mike”

Gina McKenzie is a cheerleader with a super hot boyfriend who kisses like you wouldn’t believe…
She’s looking forward to the prom, then graduation and senior week at the shore. The only thing she isn’t looking forward to is the start of college, because it means she won’t be near Mike. They are attending schools on opposite sides of the state.
But Gina’s normal teen life ends the night she is brutally raped by her math teacher and Mike’s baseball coach. Coach Smith threatens to destroy Mike’s promising baseball career if Gina tells anyone what happened. To protect Mike, Gina keeps quiet and eventually, unable to deal with the effects of the rape, breaks up with Mike.
They reconnect at their 20th high school reunion where the past catches up with them and Mike learns the truth about what happened 20 years ago.

Why is it that you never forget your first love? Maybe it’s because it’s the first person you gave your heart to, completely. The first time you were afraid to breathe for fear the moment would pass and you would miss some of the seconds. Life is seldom what we think it will be. Especially when you’re seventeen and the biggest concern you have is whether someone has the same prom dress.


"This is a perfect vacation read, once you start you won't put it down until you're finished! The story keeps you entertained as the plot jumps between an event that happens in high school and the present day. It will make you laugh and make you cry, and realize the importance of friends and family - and how a secret can change your life. Can't wait for the next book to come out!"

Other books coming out:

  • “The Moment Keeper” by Carina UK in November
  • “The Christmas Violin” by Carina UK in December
  • “The Lion Awakens” by Prism Book Group in 2014
  • “Ella’s Rain” by Prism Book Group in 2014

Author: Buffy Andrews
Lives in: Southcentral Pennsylvania
Family: Husband, Tom; two sons, Zach and Micah; and wheaten cairn terrier Kakita
Day job: Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche publications at the York Daily Record/Sunday News in York, Pa. She is also its social media coordinator.
Writes: Middle-grade, young adult and women’s fiction

Author website: Authorbuffyandrews
Connect with:

5 quick questions:

Q. Most difficult scenes in book to write?
A. Definitely the sex scenes. For some weird reason, the brutal rape scene wasn’t nearly as difficult as the sex scenes. In fact, after I wrote the rape scene, I was shocked at what came out of my head. And I felt kind of embarrassed.

Q. First person or third?
A. It depends. I write in both. This book (and the entire series) is challenging because I have alternating POVs. When I’m Mike, I can’t sound like Gina and vice versa.

Q. Where do you write?
A. On a laptop at the table in my formal dining room. We have an office, but most of the time the kids are in it doing their homework.

Q. Ebook or physical book?
A. Both, but more and more it’s via my iPad because of the convenience and quickness. If I finish reading a book at midnight I can download another one in seconds. Just have to watch my wallet!

Q. Coffee or tea?

A. Definitely coffee (and lots of it)

Pick up a copy of Buffy's new book here -

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Role Reversal

So it's been two weeks since "What Endures" launched.

And I know you all have been doing this -

And I'm sure you are now finished reading (because it's been two weeks!). And there were parts of the book where you were all -

And some parts of the book had you feeling this -

Although if that's the case, I oddly feel like this -

But see, now it's time for a little role reversal, because I've just spent all this time writing and writing and writing and well. . .it's YOUR turn.

(Here are the links)

I mean you guys don't want me to be like this do you?

(Thank you. :) )

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So I was all ready to launch tonight at midnight. . .

But then Amazon jumped the gun a bit and made my book live. . .

So. . .

We are launching NOW!

Here's the links where you can buy the book -

Don't have a Kindle? No problem. You can download the free app for your tablet, PC and even phone -  Just follow the link to and do a search for whatever device you need the app for.

So now you have absolutely NO reason not to buy this book right?!

On a serious note - I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me in the last 5 months as I prepped for this moment. This is a dream come true. . .one that I've been chasing for a while. So thank you all for helping me get here. You know who you are!

Now go buy the book. . .read it. . .then tell me what you think!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Final Teaser Thursday!

Yes, you read that right. This is final teaser to "What Endures" because. . .

. . .next Thursday, you can buy it!! RELEASE DATE!!


I will post the link for the book here AND there will be a special option for you to purchase AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY of the paperback through my blog so if you are not following this blog. . .get to it!

What else? Interviews! A book blitz with the chance to win copies of the e-book! And a blog tour!

Who's excited?!

So without further ado. . .here's the final teaser to "What Endures" It's a little walk down memory lane. . .to when Jason and Megan meet for the first time. Enjoy!

            Megan’s head snapped up from the textbook she had been reading from. She spotted the owner of the voice and groaned. A little peace and quiet was apparently too much to ask for. “What?”
            Jason Kincaid’s eyebrows rose at her curt response. She would bet most females her age didn’t respond to him in that way. If her observation of her peers at school was any indication, the usual behavior around him involved lots of giggling, fawning and other actions that made her want to barf. Sometimes Megan was ashamed of her gender. “I’m about to do some drills.”
            His eyes widen in surprise before they narrowed. “So you might want to leave.”
            “Last time I checked, you didn’t own this park.”
            He shrugged, coming closer. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
            “I’m sitting behind home plate,” she pointed out. “If your drills have you throwing or hitting anything behind that maybe baseball’s not your sport.”
            His face stilled in shock before he burst out laughing. “Damn. You don’t pull any punches.”

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Teaser Thursday!

Time for another teaser!

Last week we had a sweet scene between Megan and Jason. In honor of this blog's title, it's time for a little sexiness. . .

           [Jason's] mind felt the need to try once again to put the brakes on things. He pushed her tousled hair from her face, trying not to focus on her kiss-swollen lips, or the way her heaving chest was causing a breast to peek in and out of her unbuttoned shirt. Somehow he found his voice. “We. . . .I don't think. . .”
            “No,” she admonished. “Don’t think. Just. . . .just feel.”
            “Megan. . .”
            She leaned in and kissed him lightly. “No regrets,” she whispered against his lips before she kissed him again. He responded instinctively and kissed her back, passionately and deeply. Then all thoughts of stopping were wiped from his mind as he let himself do as she instructed - feel.

TWO WEEKS until the book's released. It is now up on Goodreads. Did you add it to your "To Read" list?

Image courtesy of Public Domain Images

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Teaser Thursday!

It's Thursday! Time for another teaser.

This one is a sweet and cute one between Megan and Jason as he lets her know he has. . .ways of trying to recover his memories.


            “So is the interview over?” she asked lightly.
            He grinned and she caught the mischievous twinkle in his eye which should have warned her that he had something up his sleeve. “Not quite. I do have one other question.”
            The warning bells finally sounded in her head. “What question?”
            His grin widened, as he leaned forward on the table. “When did you get that tattoo on your hip?”
            She stared at him as her mind raced, trying to process what he had just said. He met her gaze calmly, as if waiting for her to put the pieces together.
            “How’d you know. . .“ Was he remembering she wondered? Something about his expression, however, told her that this particular bit of knowledge was not the result of a recollection but something sneakier.
            “Home movies.”
            “Home mov-“ she started and stopped suddenly as the answer came to her. She looked at him with wide, questioning eyes and he nodded slowly in confirmation.
             Suddenly, a mental image of the beach house popped into her mind and she realized much too late that the house was brimming with personal things of her. . of him. . .of them. And then she started to panic, doing a mental inventory of the collection of home movies that she and Jason had and how each one had been made. Which one of those had revealed her tattoo to him? For one brief, horrifying instant, she actually wondered if they had ever made one of those home movies. A part of her wanted to rush right out to the beach house that instant and start gathering up those DVDs.

Three weeks exactly until the book is released! A lot of stuff is coming up. . .including interviews, a book blitz and giveways! If you know someone who likes romance novels. . .direct them to my Facebook page and ask them to "Like" it! Let's get the word out!

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