Thursday, July 11, 2013

Teaser Thursday!

It's Thursday! Time for another teaser.

This one is a sweet and cute one between Megan and Jason as he lets her know he has. . .ways of trying to recover his memories.


            “So is the interview over?” she asked lightly.
            He grinned and she caught the mischievous twinkle in his eye which should have warned her that he had something up his sleeve. “Not quite. I do have one other question.”
            The warning bells finally sounded in her head. “What question?”
            His grin widened, as he leaned forward on the table. “When did you get that tattoo on your hip?”
            She stared at him as her mind raced, trying to process what he had just said. He met her gaze calmly, as if waiting for her to put the pieces together.
            “How’d you know. . .“ Was he remembering she wondered? Something about his expression, however, told her that this particular bit of knowledge was not the result of a recollection but something sneakier.
            “Home movies.”
            “Home mov-“ she started and stopped suddenly as the answer came to her. She looked at him with wide, questioning eyes and he nodded slowly in confirmation.
             Suddenly, a mental image of the beach house popped into her mind and she realized much too late that the house was brimming with personal things of her. . of him. . .of them. And then she started to panic, doing a mental inventory of the collection of home movies that she and Jason had and how each one had been made. Which one of those had revealed her tattoo to him? For one brief, horrifying instant, she actually wondered if they had ever made one of those home movies. A part of her wanted to rush right out to the beach house that instant and start gathering up those DVDs.

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  1. Awesome and congrats, Katie!! This is Pim, Narada's cousin - she shared the news with me a few days ago! Can't wait for your book to come out...might have to send it over to you for a special message from the author! Woohoo...signed copy! :)

  2. Hi Pim!! Thanks so much! I will be happy to sign something for you. . .in exchange for one of those yummy treats you and your husband makes :) Seriously, thanks. Hope you've been well!