Thursday, July 18, 2013

Teaser Thursday!

Time for another teaser!

Last week we had a sweet scene between Megan and Jason. In honor of this blog's title, it's time for a little sexiness. . .

           [Jason's] mind felt the need to try once again to put the brakes on things. He pushed her tousled hair from her face, trying not to focus on her kiss-swollen lips, or the way her heaving chest was causing a breast to peek in and out of her unbuttoned shirt. Somehow he found his voice. “We. . . .I don't think. . .”
            “No,” she admonished. “Don’t think. Just. . . .just feel.”
            “Megan. . .”
            She leaned in and kissed him lightly. “No regrets,” she whispered against his lips before she kissed him again. He responded instinctively and kissed her back, passionately and deeply. Then all thoughts of stopping were wiped from his mind as he let himself do as she instructed - feel.

TWO WEEKS until the book's released. It is now up on Goodreads. Did you add it to your "To Read" list?

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